Saturday, 21 May 2011

Some people do essays, I do this.

Once we had the audio recorded it was time for some broadway skills, it took a few takes to get comfortable with it and to learn the dialogue off by heart but I couldn't upload the early takes because the files we're too big. Heres the best bits that we stitched together.

Will and I went through all the footage we had and chose the clips that looked the most natural but were also entertaining, next we went through the final video and sketched out the most important beats which are pretty much when the character is at it's most expressive. These can later be translated into key-frames. Here are the drawings i took of the footage.

Friday, 20 May 2011

This guy gets paid for this...

Gunna have to do some acting reference so i thought i'd have a look at how the pros go about it, it looks like this guy is really annoying but the over acting totally works for this purpose. You can see how similar his animation is to what he acted, this is definitely the best way to get natural results.

So awesome, i think for the best results I'll have to try my hardest to not be shy in any way because it's the loose, relaxed approach that clearly gets the most natural movements.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lipstick Tests

Before you ask I haven't turned transexual, and even if I have this isnt the appropriate blog for suczh things. Lipstick camera is when you record the audio with a video as well so you can catch all the beats of the person's face while they say them, it helps with lip syncing and with acting later on. Heres my first attempt at recording.

Well the sound came out okay but my face was a little flat, was concentrating too much me thinks. Tried again a few times and heres a snippet from the final one. It's not too important to get the acting right as we'll record that separately later but needed to get the audio perfect and make sure there is some emotion for reference.

The voice of an Angel

After that horrible piece of research I had to do I came up with a few ideas for the voice of this guy. Used the dialogue Will had already written for it and Sorry guys, it's just audio so no handsome face for ya, used a screenshot of the character he's using.

So I sent these off to Will so he could see which are his favorites, Once I've heard from him we can go over refining the right voice then do some recorded dialogue with it.