Thursday, 27 May 2010

There's A Lot Of Space Up In Space

Once i knew my exact sequence and i had finished all my modeling i did a quick animatic using stills and just whacked a bit of text. Hopefully give you some idea of how it's gunna turn out.

Thought I'd show ya how the landscape and layout changed throughout the process, testament I think to just how much I was making this up on the spot. This was my first shot at the moon's surface

As you can clearly see this was shite, not only is it boring but you would pretty easily be able to tell it's just a flat plain with a few bumps. Went back to it and tried to make it any kind of good.

This was definitely an improvement, the craters in the middle make all the difference when contrasted with the mountains up the side. After that i added in the elements i had so far, baring in mind this was "pre-teleporters"

So I'd already identified that i needed more to happen in the sequence but also knew the background could do with a bit more jazz, I knew I didn't want to apply a texture to the ground as it would take away from the cartoony look. I made some random space junk to scatter about the place heres the design then a shot of the scene with them in that also contains the teleporters.

So as the landscape gets a bit more littered it instantly looks more interesting, i also slightly changed the angels of the satellite and the dish so it wasn't just a straight line.
After i was happy with that I created a texture for the space backdrop and for the Earth on photoshop and applied them to a couple of spheres in the background. Heres what the finished scene looks like. (I also added a couple of extra pebbles)

Not too shabby.

Something's missing

We had to do a layout of our plan for Rosy using research and photoshop, did a bit of tasty annotation as well.

Impossibe to read on here of course but you get the jist, it was while doing this and the storyboard in my sketchbook that i realized that not enough happens (apart form the destruction of the Earth), i was really happy with how it's begins and ends but thought it needed summat extra in the middle.
Either because i couldn't think of anything else real to do or just because i thought it would be a cool I decided to add a pair of Teleportation Pads in the mix, this was my first design.

As you will see later they now have more of a golden rim and the middle is orange, i also changed the balls on the top into rings.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Yeah.... It's Hard To Test Stuff In Space

Thought I'd better check out some test videos from the Mars Rover so I wasn't animating blind quite so much.

The main thing i noticed, other than the fact it's looks almost exactly the same as mine (thank you) is how fast it can zip around. I thought these guys were supposed to trundle at a few miles an hour. I think on smooth ground he'd do just fine.
Well heres summat seemingly pointless, I tried to re-create the see-saw effect pretty crudely but i'm afraid i didn't happen to have a scaled down satellite and helmet.

Not much to get from that but it did show me just how fast it would get launched in the air. Obviously though I'd made it harder on myself by choosing a location that doesn't really care much for gravity.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Oh Thank God... They Actually Look Okay

So Here are the updated versions Of the stuff below, also A first look at the layout, backdrop and just to keep it real, my UFO.

What a couple! I noticed that for some reason the darker i made things the more unprofessional it looked. Thats why i tried to avoid using grey's and blacks and either use shades of white or bright/light colours

It was hard coming up with a colour scheme for the Rover because they are usually chrome or silver and i hadn't quite grasped things that reflective yet and like i was saying grey just looked shite.

And so's to completely contradict myself heres a big grey object. I did think about this but i realy wanted to go for the classic saucer 'mars attacks' type look and as they were mainly in black and white films this just looks right to me.

This is the very first shot at the layout also the background has since received a face lift. Pretty much a no frills version of the final thing. I know this to be exactly what the moons surface looks like, according to Wallace and Gromit.

Even Tyra Banks Would Dig This Modeling..... Ha!

So i'd decided to do the space theme whilst in Rosy's class, I of course did this without thinking of what an absolute pain in the arse it would be.
"I wonder why everyone else is doing stuff in a sealed room??"
Anyway what's done is done, i started looking for stuff related to space travel/exploration an maybe threw in a cheeky bit of sci-fi as well.
This is some of the research that i did and the first stage of the models.

The obvious feature of both and of most of the ones i looked at is the blue wings, or solar panels if you wanna get fancy. This is my attempt.

This was my first bash, added some more detail later but we'll get to that. I'd decided to use it as a see-saw so i took some artistic license with the main body, also the front doesn't look so much like a boob when it's coloured in.

Decided to go for the industrial type dish, these guys are pretty well recognisable so it would be hard for me to mess it up, let's watch.

Like i said, pretty standard stuff, once again added a bit more spice later on but you get the idea.

Now i know this fella is a prototype but im not exactly going for realism here. Wanted it to be like summat out of The Jetsons.

See what i mean, pretty sure they don't have antenna like that anymore but we've got four weeks, what dya want from me.

I knew as soon as I had the idea for this theme that i wanted a Mars rover involved, even though my animation happens to be set on the moon so i assume he took a wrong turn somewhere. From looking at research i could see that the main factors were the box like shape, the wheels and in some cases the head and neck like structure at the front. Kinda like a cross between Wall-E and a camel.

Question, what's round and a total bitch to try and make six of that turn separately to the chassis? Yeah i think you've got it. Have added an antenna and some detail at the front since but i was pretty proud of this little dude.
This was definitely the easy part and it nearly killed me.

My First Date With Maya

Knowing that we had the impossible task of doing an animation on computer software that I couldn't even begin to comprehend I thought I'd practice by having a go at flattering myself in 3D.
Ere's a few stages of this most horrible process

So freakin weird, kinda like using clay but without your sense of touch.

Slimmed out the face a little, was lookin pretty special.

Not sure why i put this stage up as it is simply terrifying.

My god it's beautiful! So this took collectively around 10 hours, it starts to become clear why i may have been brickin it over this particular project.