Saturday, 30 April 2011

Some Tasty Scriptin'

One of the things Will said he was struggling with was thinking of a short gag to fit in his film at the end of the credits. We like totally so kept in contact over facebook so we could bounce ideas around and he could update me with what else he needed.

Obviously I had floods of hilarious ideas pretty much immediately, it was almost annoying.
Of course that was a lie, i was racking my brains for ages, Will said he needed something simple that wouldn't destroy his sizable mind so i went for something that could re-use all the assets he already had and not require another character. I wrote a brief script for hi
m with a gag about a dart board, frankly its genius.

I was pretty pleased with this, im sure you can't read it but take my word for it, it's awesome. However this message was to follow.

Will rightly pointed out that if we made something that long it would take another few months to animate, he liked it though so we basically just cut it down to him defending himself on phone.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What a pair of F**king C*nts

HA, right so i need to do a politian voice for Will's short animation at the end of the credits, this is gunna be fun. Basically i just need to sound like as much of a dick as possible, an easy feat i believe. Done some research so here's Mr Milliband and Mr Cameron both making absolute nobs of themselves.

God i never thought these two would appear on this blog, luckily it's mostly to be ridiculed. So i chose them speaking in quite uncomfortable positions because in the scene were doing the character is on the phone in his office so referencing a speech wouldn't really make sense as it would have incorrect pacing. Maybe I'll post the voices up soon if you're good and before you say it, NO, mimicking is not the sincerest form of flattery.

What's this module called again??

So we've gotta help the third years in need, except they aren't in need at all, i presume they just wanna get on with their final projects without having to babysit us guys. Never the less we had to do a presentation to show ourselves off, demonstrating our strengths and explaining our weaknesses, naturally this involved a whole lotta lying from the majority of the class. After what seemed like two weeks of mono-toned talks with the year above slowly being drained of life force most people paired off. These are a couple of the slides from my show.

I stressed that i'd much rather get into drawn work like character design rather than 3D work that i probably could do, unfortunately that's pretty much what everyone else said. Once the monumental clusterf**k that was us trying to pair up kicked off i immediately felt like i had to get out of there, luckily i saw someone else that clearly felt the same way, i recognized a Mr Will Marsh from having spoken at various points over the last two years and knew he was specializing in CG. I ungracefully chased him down the corridor and pretty much forced him to work with me. Also whilst we were talking another 3rd year who i knew to be hugely talented because he had given us a lecture (you heard) a few weeks earlier came up to me, a Mr James Isaac approached and asked if i could also design an alien for him to model in CG. Erm, hells yeah.