Thursday, 23 February 2012


Check me out. Headed myself down to the museum, took some sneaky snaps of anything that had a face. Got those creative juices flowing. I was so inspired in fact I just booked myself a ticket to Africa for three days next month to go live with a local tribe. Okay maybe not but check these guys out.

Pre-Research Mind Poop

If my years of having art teachers telling me to "do more research!!" has taught me anything it's that I should go ahead and just do some work without any research. You know, just to get some mind morsels out on the plate. Needed some ideas for guys, 'guy-deas' if you will. Heres a couple.

As you can see, one of these guys is not necessarily a guy. Just trying to get a few style ideas flowin'. But of course I'm gunna be needin' some of that all important research.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Specialist Study II: The Workoning

The beginning of the end is upon us, Specialist Study 2 is here so repent your sins and get ready to enjoy nil sleeps.
Here's my aims for the next few months, set out in the What? How? When? format as requested by my tutor.


I plan to extend the skills that I practiced in SS1, these included trying to create a professional looking character for a video game that was relatable and accessible to all. I was pleased with how it turned out but that was a single, stand alone character. So for this project I aim to do the same but create a few characters and a landscape that all derive from the same "world". I still need to keep in mind everything I learned previously about poses and anatomy but this time i wish to get a little more experimental with my methods and take some real risks that will hopefully produce better results. I will be concentrating on tribe culture because I believe it has a rich background that spans vast time periods and all over the globe, also it is not a genre that has become stagnant and doesn't have to many stereotypes attached to it. The characters will also be having "alter egos" that have been probably drug induced from a 'coming of age' ceremony, so this will also give opportunity to get a little freaky.


 The main thing I want to change about this project is the approach I take to where i get my ideas from and the techniques I use to render the designs. I was all too safe in my last project and need to get my hands dirty. I will be exploring colour by using materials such as ink, pastel, paint and hopefully whatever else I can get my hands on. Also for the initial designs I will be keeping they're personalities in mind but I want the culture to truly inspire they're appearance. This project needs to be a lot more informed by research, this will be done by trips to museums and hopefully compiling vast amounts of documentary footage. 

Here's a tasty little plan I've thrown together for the coming months