Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Call the secretary of education, coz you just got schooled

For some reason I've become slightly obsessed with wanting to make the next great school based cartoon comedy, I know the age range stops at 14 but i think if it's smart enough I can make it funny for all of the ages. I'd like to get some pretty contemporary humour in there if i can whilst also making it visually funny.

I think we can all agree Superbad is freakin hilarious and i'd love to make something with a similar tone, would be a pretty big challenge considering it's about 85% dick jokes though. I do remember liking American pie at a very young age so appealing to that audience shouldn't be a problem I'l just have to concentrate on the characters relationships instead of boobs (although Disney didn't have a problem with Jessica Rabbit).

Also while waiting in line for some tasty KFC the other day me and my friends noticed the cutest little Chinese girl in the entire world and Mr Chris Moore unforgettably uttered "wouldn't it be cool to adopt her then raise her to be an assassin", why yes, yes it would Mr Moore. I didn't think about it again until a few days ago but when i did i couldn't help think what an amazing cartoon that would make.

Now im pretty sure some of the scenes in Kick-ass are not appropriate for the young ones but maybe a similar character that accepts hitman style contacts out on bullies from the other kids but instead of brutally murdering them she just takes em' down a peg with some comedy violence or some humiliating traps. Sweet.

Gettin my character design on

Was having trouble coming up with an idea that was realy grabbing me, we did some foundation style Illustration vomit to see if we could find any good design chunks in there but it didn't turn out too successful.

I liked a few of the faces but because of the speed we were drawing them it was clearly stuff i'd drawn before only much worse. When I got home i tried to think of some random characters that would appeal to children (and me) without having any story in mind, this realy isn't the right way to do it at all but I guess im just a maverick.

I like the Robot guy and the blatent Ratatouille rip off but can't think of any great back story for them, especialy not one that would get the kiddies pumped. Might try and use them as side characters but gotta come up with something more along the lines of the research i've done, think about school, best cartoons are set in school. Come on man!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Now, What makes a kick ass kids show?

There have been some seriously awesome kids cartoon shows over the past few decades and everyone has memories of their favourites, i could list the ones i loved for hours such as 'Biker Mice From Mars', 'Road Runner' and even 'Ramsey's Brothel Nightmares'.

Unfortunately when doing research like this there is an enemy that constantly misleads me whilst trying to preserve the innocence of my childhood, his name is nostalgia. It's hard to remember which cartoons were actually good and which were purely dancing pretty shapes and colours that appealed to my inner idiot.
After much reflection and asking other like minded individuals (by that I mean losers) i've come up with a few outstanding examples of cartoons that stand the test of time and are still hilarious no matter how old you get.


Recess was and still is incredible, the focus on the 'Laws of the playground' was such an accurate depiction of how as kids we'd make big things out of little problems that at the time seemed like life changing decisions and experiences. Also the different social groups were amazing and beautifully showed the food chain that forms in every playground, what made this program so relatable though was how it was fronted by a group of misfits that didn't assign to any of the groups but still had to play by the unwritten rules. This is probably the group that most of us were in so we can remember having to do something when we were young that we didn't understand but had to because the older kids said so, come to think of it that happens no matter how much you age.
I would love to come up with something with similar themes that bridges the gap between childish and adult issues whilst also being funny as shit.


The amazing thing about Spongebob is that I am now officially a grown man and this is still one of the funniest shows out there, and not just cartoon. I know not everyone gets it but one of the things that appeals to me is that it's just fun for funs sake, no morals of the story, no hidden messages just retarded fun full of funny voices and ridiculous faces. They keep pushing the exaggeration of the characters so much that it's like a hit of heroine or summat when you finally see a new contortion of Mr Squarepants' face and it always makes me piss myself. It's one of the most visually stimulating cartoons around and also seems to have the widest age range.

There are so many influential toons i've missed out such as almost everyone from the golden age of cartoon network like Dexter's Lab and Johnny Bravo that seemed to master combining contemporary art styles with equally as contemporary humour. Then action packed numbers such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, i don't think there's a man alive under 30 that doesn't have a favourite hero in a half shell (Michelangelo obviously).

Im gunna strive to create something that can be relatable to by kids and adults alike but always remembering that the main thing is that it has to be funny and true to real life experiences whilst being fantastical and visually appealing. Piece of piss.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Whoa, what is this place?

Jesus it's been a while, i was doing this lame sound project and you know, making a video game so sorry for the neglect. But what's this? a new project that requires character design, live action tests and real animation. Better get this shit blogged.

So we are now working with live briefs from real companies which is similar to working with a live bomb in the fact that I only have a short amount of time before it blows up in my face. Therefor for the next month and a half im gunna be trying to cut the most awesome wire i can. They are all competitions and we have to follow specific criteria to please each of them, heres a list of the fat cats and what they want from us.

SEGA - Need a piece of work to celebrate the 20th birthday of Sonic, even though only about three of that boys life deserve any sort of congratulations.

FAIRTRADE - Basically come up with a new short to advertise and gain more awareness for fairtrade products, sounds lame but these guys have
had some pretty good adverts so far

DISNEY - Yeah that's right, Disney. They want us to design and animate a brand new character aimed at children aged 9-14 for a series.

BBC - Summat to do with Iplayer, need to make an interactive interface I think. Basically that aint happening

MASTERS OF CLOCK MAKING - I think that's their
name but these guys want a short film that increases interest in the concept of time and somehow demonstrates how it works???

It's got to be Disney right, not only do i love designing new characters but i have the mental age of a 9-14 year old so this should be easy. Was thinking about doing the Sega one but i would have to use Sonic so that's character design out the window. Back soon.