Wednesday, 11 April 2012


So to keep in theme with this, "Found diary" look I was bangin' on about I thought it was time to face one of my greatest fears... Charcoal. We all hate it but tutors freakin' love' it so why try and fight it. Picked myself up a nice brown sketchbook as well which of course needs to cost three times the amount because they don't dye it, and did a few scribbles.

Kept it pretty loose just to see how freaked out I got, and you know what, I actually enjoyed this bastard. It was mainly how effective crosshatching is with charcoal, for some reason it always just looks like michelangelo shit. Well maybe an exaggeration but still looks cool. Also it has that "rough, sketched on sight" look. Will keep this in mind for the final piece.

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