Monday, 26 March 2012

Mindless Scribbles

Desperately had to get away from what I've been doing in my designs so far, which essentially has just been thinking of a random character then applying tribal stereotypes to it. This is always my biggest crime and it ends here!
I did a few pages of quick sketches based on all the statues and masks from the museum. Even though this took about half an hour all in all it has probably been the most important part of my project so far. Here are the pages.

A couple of great ones here I think, all of them are strong shapes and that's what i need more of in my work.

Love the circled guy in the top left, brimming with personality, not a particularly happy one but personality non the less. he would probably make for a good protagonist.

Quite like the obvious bad guy in the top left and the old woman/man in centre right.
Anyway, as I said, doing this was so important, why start from scratch when there are hundreds of great character ideas that have already been made buy these people over the years. All I have to do is adapt them to my purpose.

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