Thursday, 22 March 2012

What Am I Doing?

Well thanks to my tutor Steve for this little doozy, also mad props to Andy for seriously getting into this photography session. Thought getting into character might help and obviously i have no reserves about making an absolute tit of my self. Crafted an amazing mask in a matter of minutes, surprising I know, considering the quality, and threw together a tasty grass skirt both entirely made from a poster tube and pizza boxes. To be honest i don't think words can really explain any of this so just have a gander.

Hey, another weirdo!
One man party

Hero pose
 Well apart from being a whole lot of fun this also reinforced the importance of poses, even with an emotionless face they can get a story or a feeling across. Also without these i would never of thought of having the arms coming out of the side of the mask, probably would of insisted on having a neck making the character freaking huge.
Next week?      I have no idea.

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