Friday, 30 March 2012


So took those pages of doodles and tried to find a hand full of characters in there that could make for strong personalities. Tried to make a small selection of good, bad, male, female and animal characters based on strong shapes or poses. The idea was to produce some different looking ideas then get some feedback and focus on two or three. Heres the page I did.

Definitely have my favourites in this bunch but it was time to get some outside help, posted them up on the uni facebook page and begged for some feedback. Luckily a hand full of kind ladies and gents gave me a helping hand.

So it looks like it's definitely the simplest shapes and the strongest poses that people relate to the most. 2 and 3 seem to be peoples favourites, and mine too if i'm honest. Wondering if they can be like a duo or if they need to be refined into the same character. 7's pose stood out to a lot of people as well, from now on I need to try and make sure everyone is in a strong pose no matter how rough the sketch is.

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